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Custom residential or commercial solutions.

Back to base monitoring. Why you need it.

Whether you are away for the day, the weekend or a few months, the most secure measure you can bring to your premises is back to base 24/7 monitoring.

Have a highly trained response team arrive to your premises and receive notification within minutes of unauthorised entry.

Back to base monitoring is triggered by an event, which sets of an audible alarm siren prompting the monitoring centre to commence dispatch of response to your premises.

Sound good? Your home insurance premiums drop as well. 


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What is alarm monitoring?

Alarm monitoring is the direct communication between your alarm system when there is an activation and our 24 hour Central monitoring centre who received and action the alarm event, if required. The reason we recommend a monitored alarm system is without alarm monitoring, your system will activate the siren, possibly send a sound to your mobile app but no further action will be taken. If your phone if flat or not in a service area, the notification will not be received.   With a Monitored system, the activation is received,  a qualified control room operator accesses the activation and follows the customers requested procedures.

Examples of 24/7 monitoring solutions include:

  • Alarm procedure
  • A1 Graded Monitoring Station
  • Late to close notifications
  • Loan worker Alarms
  • Panic button Alarms
  • Medical Alarms
  • Umbo
  • Vertical escorts


Most frequent questions and answers

Systems can be either a hidden, covert solution, or a highly visible deterrent. 

Yes — our state of the art systems are designed to alert all within the nearby vicinity, making your intruder very uncomfortable and very visible.

That’s up to you. If you want video footage to accompany your 24 hour monitoring, get in touch with us and we can arrange to have this installed.

About $1 a day, inclusive of GST.

No. GSM technology enables us to provide service without a phone line. 
Back to base dial up utilises phone lines, transmitting issues to the control room, who determine whether police or patrol should be dispatched.

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