Access Control

Restrict, block and monitor entry.

Automate your access control.

Your Access Control system will provide you with a completely secure workplace by identifying and verifying an individual’s level of authorisation and then only allowing access where pre-programmed to. This not only protects your property but also your employees, assets and information.  It gives you flexibility to secure different areas with different access levels within one building and you can also receive reports on people’s movements.

Access control points are usually positioned around a facility’s perimeter near vehicular gates, turnstiles, building entry points, doors into rooms and other special areas within a building

access control systems shepparton
access control systems shepparton

What is access control?

Access control is a method of controlling permissions for entry/ exit of a designated area, on a designated day and in a designated time frame.  Access control can be combined with CCTV and integrated with a Alarm System to provide a complete overall control solution.

Key card systems require three components:

  1. Access credentials
  2. Access reader
  3. Electric or magnetic door lock

Access control capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Know the identity and number of staff onsite at any given time
  • Keyless entry/exit
  • Allow authorised staff access to different parts of the same building
  • Remotely lock and unlock doors, gates, and any other access point required
  • Centrally managed computer based complete history
  • Restrict access to sites
  • Notifications if doors etc are held open to long
  • Removal of access permissions instantly
  • Multiple site integration
  • Smart phone access

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